One Fine Baby

Joyjoie at One Fine Baby

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This weekend, Joyjoie will be at One Fine Baby, AUSTRALIA’S CREATIVE FAMILY + LIFESTYLE FAIR.

We had so much fun at the inaugural fair last year – I literally talked my voice away on day one and had to mime on day two – that we are doing it all again this year.

I have spent all hours of the day and night recently making a collection of bespoke teepees for the fair; most of the teepees are one-of-a-kind or limited edition. All the usual favourite designs will be there as well as some fresh looks. The teepees make a great gift for the special people in our lives or you can browse my collection of custom made cushions, storage sacks, bunting and more. Alternatively, if you want something special created just for you, I will be taking custom orders during the weekend.

There will be photo opportunities with some jumbo props to go with the family size teepee as well as the usual cuteness of a child at rest or play in one of my handmade indoor tents. Arianna, the inspiration for all I create will be making guest appearances (to the extent of a 5 year olds interest to hang out in one place when there is so much fun to be had).

The fair truly is fun for the whole family with something to appeal to all ages; food, coffee, shopping, a petting zoo, jumping castle, live shows from Sam Moran and meeting Peppa Pig.

So, join us for the two day event at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern. The event is FREE to enter this year if you register before Friday 13th November at 5pm. Tickets to enter can also be purchased on the day for those that missed the deadline or like to be a little more spontaneous!


Sacred Lotus Teepee

Scared Lotus Teepee – Lets meditate!

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I am so excited to launch this latest teepee, the Sacred Lotus, to the Joyjoie range.

It’s evolution was both very slow and whirlwind. In early February this year we went on a fairy trail walk around the Sydney Botanic Gardens and while Ari was enraptured by taking photos with Tinkerbell and Silvermist (courtesy of an app) I was captivated by the lotus pond. What an amazing sight, all those enormous green leaves and the occasional pink flower popping above the rest, you could barely even see the water. It was beautiful and I look loads of photos attempting to capture it in my mind and phone (one day on which I wished for more than the iPhone camera). And there the images stayed – a lingering impression in my mind and pictures to scroll past looking for something else – until last week. About this time last week, after a very atypical bout of procrastination on an assignment for Creating Collections for Home Decor (a MATS course) I decided to try and draw the lotus flowers and leaves. Pretty soon I had the image of the completed teepee in my mind and in a whirlwind of activity I mocked up the computer version and that was it, this teepee had to be made.

I just love the way it makes me feel sitting in there, I am not one to meditate but perhaps with this teepee I could make a go of it.

Meditation Teepee

Meditation Teepee

It could also be a wonderful place to play or relax for children, I can imagine my little creative director sitting in there with her toy frogs, jumping them from leaf to leaf and making up stories (she is big on pretend play).

For extra comfort I also designed and made some coordinating cushion and pillow covers to complement the teepee.

Lotus Leaf cushion

Lotus Leaf cushion

Next up with be a storage sack to cart all the toys into and out of the play zone, but that is for another day.

This indoor teepee is available by custom order in both the Regular Size (as photographed) or the Family Size so contact me for pricing and timeframes.


Joyjoie Teepee website makeover

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Well the time has arrived again to give the Joyjoie website a makeover. Some much required changes to incorporate new products, make it simper to find the information you want and a couple of other secret projects are in the works.

The changes will be released incrementally but I hope you enjoy the new look and functionality that I am having so much fun creating. Rest assured teepee making continues while I work on the website so feel free to contact me with your teepee, home decor and surface design needs. 


PlayNation Teepee

Teepee made to inspire play

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I was commissioned to make a family size teepee for the Bluebird Foundations Playnation, Lets Play events in Geelong. With Geelong close to my heart (the place where I was born and grew up) I was supper excited to be able to make a teepee for this great program that encourages children and families to get away from technology. The teepee was decorated by an artist and is now a visual inspiration for people participating at the events.

Unwrap Etsy

Unwrap a Joyjoie teepee on Christmas morning

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A rare opportunity in so many ways, the Unwrap Etsy at David Jones event coming up in December is super exciting and I am thrilled to be involved.

The lineup of Etsyians invited to be part of the event is inspiring, and I am hoping to get all my Christmas shopping done at their stalls in those few days. After all I have no time to waste now as I am busy making special OOAK and limited edition teepees, teepee accessories and other home decor items especially for the event.

Here is what Etsy have to say about the event “Drop by On Seven at David Jones while doing your Christmas shopping, and discover unexpected art, homewares, and gifts from over 40 Australian Etsy makers. Book in for a hands-on creative workshop, watch Etsy sellers create their goods at the live making demonstrations or just stop by for a drink and bite while soaking up the artful atmosphere. Free entry. Register today to guarantee access.”

More details on my shopping page or on the official website.

Girl in Teepee Mint

Mint Teepee with snow capped mountain design

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Introducing the new Mountain style teepee to the range of handmade play tents at Joyjoie.

In this first edition of the Mountain style teepee it is made in a cool mint and features a snowy capped mountain created with minkee fabric which adds a lovely textural element to the tent.

Released just in time for Christmas this teepee could be a great Tree alternative, why not set it up on Christmas Eve and hide all the presents inside for a delightful surprise on Christmas morning.

Mountain Teepee

CRAFTHOLIC Cuddle Buddies as photographed now also available through Joyjoie, contact me for this lovely addition to your teepee or as a stocking stuffer this festive season.

Standing in the Forest Teepee

Secret Forest Teepee now in Family Size

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This really was a labour of love but making the Secret Forest tepee Family sized was so worth it just to see my little creative director stare a giraffe in the eye.

Family Size Forest Teepee

Made only by special request these family sized (1.4 x 1.4m square base) secret hideaway tepees are so much fun to be in, why not commission one for the family this Christmas?

Teepee Talk

Fun times in the tepee with our Sloths (& monkey)

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Ari and I decided to welcome the new mega Sloth (affectionally known as Zloth) and Monkey (called Cute) to our family with a photoshoot in one of the Family sized tents.

We had a lot of fun as you can see from the pictures…

Teepee with Cuddle Buddies

Sloth in Tent

Organising Toys

The creative director is looking to expand her role in Joyjoie, now it appears she is also chief stylist, art director and vying for a role as photographer. She did such a good job I had to include a very rare picture of me…

Face of  Joyjoie

Why not bring a little or a lot of joy into your home this festive season with a Joyjoie childrens teepee? Contact me for details on Australian handmade teepees or Craftholic Cuddlie Buddies as seen here.

Sloth in teepee

Joyjoie a Craftholic Stockist

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I am very excited to announce that I have added a new product range to my offer at Joyjoie, the wonderful CRAFTHOLIC Cuddle Buddies!!!

Buying in products to sell is new for me as I love to create the items I sell. These Cuddle Buddies are a rare exception as they complement my range of teepees so beautifully.  It all began when I started using the creative directors much loved sloth in teepee photoshoots and he looked so adorable in there with or without her.

To sleep, snuggle or play, CRAFTHOLIC Cuddle Buddies are available in four loveable characters called CRAFT’s -RAB (The Rabbit), SLOTH (The Bear), LORIS (The Monkey) and KORAT (The Cat).

Created by renowned Japanese artist, Ikuko Yamamoto, CRAFTHOLIC has taken the world by storm.

With the power to make everyone fall in love with just one cuddle, become a ‘CRAFTHOLIC’ and Get Addicted!

I have a selection of my favourites to sell initially and will expand the available range in time (or by request). After Ari claimed the Loris monkey on sight (I really should have seen that coming) here is what I have available now …

CRAFTHOLIC Original SLOTH is a bit bashful, shy and totally loveable with his gentle grey and white stripes. He’s the best ever friend.


Large – 45cm x 95cm

$59.95 plus shipping


Mini – 20cm x 39cm

$29.95 plus shipping

CRAFTHOLIC Original KORAT is a fashionista with a cool sense of style – in fact KORAT is the coolest cat in town with her muted beige polka dots.


Large – 40cm x 93cm

$59.95 plus shipping

CRAFTHOLIC’s Surf SLOTH is the ultimate sailor with his nautical blue and white stripes. He is the Captain of cuddles.


Large – 45cm x 95cm

$59.95 plus shipping

CRAFTHOLIC Original RAB is famous for his playful sense of fun with his gorgeous bright happy spots. There’s always a skip in his hop.


Large – 40cm x 112cm

$59.95 plus shipping

CRAFTHOLIC 1st Collection RAB is full of fun with his bright coloured stars on a bold white background – he really is a fun-loving, playful super-star.


Mini – 17cm x 45cm

$29.95 plus shipping


Please email me on to get one of your very own CRAFTHOLIC Cuddle Buddies, I can even make you a teepee to coordinate.