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Protecting ourselves from the sun while we play in the sunshine is important. In the winter wearing long sleeves was a must to keep warm but with the days heating up my morning walk had become less pleasant so I decided to literally make a solution.

Little did I realise at the time that the Joyjoie Sun Wrap I create would be so versatile it has become my go-to piece of clothing for school pickup, wandering the shops, sitting on the couch, woking on my computer, driving my car and - of course - for my daily walk.  I had designed and made my own piece of atheleisure wear. Its like the panacea of clothing for me, stylish enough to be appropriate in everyday situations while being comfortable and effective while exercising. 

So what makes my Joyjoie original design Aeliana Sun Wrap my favourite item in my wardrobe this season?

It is sun protection clothing that:

  • is loose enough to provide airflow
  • is shaped to protect both my neck and arms from UV rays even while walking
  • has a cowl neckline that is able to be worn as a hood (anyone who know me I am a sucker for a hood) or draped
  • is designed with splits front and back so as not to double up on layers where my regular clothes protect me from the sun -thus keeping me cooler than if the sun wrap doubled up in those areas
  • is hip-length and slightly shaped longer at the back for an elegant line
  • is made from UPF fabric rated for high UV protection 50+ 

After wearing my Sun Wrap for a few weeks I decided to add a few extra features for practicality and comfort including:

  • hidden thumb/finger loops so I can tame it in windy weather
  • a long tie to help flip it over the shoulder for optimal drape to protect my neck
  • a zipper in the split at the back that can be closed on cooler days.

If it's not clear yet, I love my Sun Wrap. I enjoy wearing it and love that I can go for a walk even in the peak UV times of the day knowing that I have sun protective clothing to minimise the UV rays on my freckled skin. Its not just me though, my daughter (aka the creative director) has her own mini version and chooses her sun wrap for play dates, walks and trips to the shops too. As a child who has her own sense of style and always chooses her own clothing - even if the results are sometimes a little bewildering to me - I am thrilled that she has added my athleisure wear creation to approved clothing list.

Girl in athleisure wear

The Aeliana sun wrap is available now as altheisure for women, men and tweens in three different fabrics all with wicking properties and in a range of colours. The wraps are custom made to order in Australia so if you are looking for functional yet stylish sun protective clothing for the park or beach shop today for a bespoke Joyjoie Sun Wrap!



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