Bunny Gift Bag

As little girl's my sister and I loved to make bags. We sat side by side at mums vintage singer sewing machines (my sister on the foot pedal version and me on the hand turned machine) and got to work.

It seems that life cycles back and here I am making bags again. This time around I know a bit more about fabric selection, the best type of seams to use and any number of details that I just muddled through (or asked my big sister and mum to "help with").

The other big difference is that the bags I am making now are for my little Creative Director and her friends. Here begins a short series on bags I have made.

The Bunny Bag

I made this bunny bag as giftwrap for a present I gave to a friends daughter recently. I am not sure that the real present inside has even been looked at but the bag has proven to be well loved.

Perhaps this Easter I will make some more of these for Easter eggs, now I just need some time...


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