Christmas Boots, stockings with a twist available now...

This is the one time you won't get in trouble for leaving your shoes on the table. The Joyjoie original design Christmas boot is the stocking alternative for those that hanker for the Christmas stocking experience but don't have the required mantlepiece form which to hang a stocking.

The Christmas boots look cute on a table, side board, or clustered around a tree. Fill them with Christmas cheer be it boxed gifts, candy canes or foliage.

Christmas boots are custom made to order you can choose the colours for the boot including the main boot colour turn-back and ribbon as well as personalising with the name of the giftee.

The boots will stand up even when empty so you can use them as Christmas decorations while you ponder how to fill them (no coal please!).

Shop now for your Christmas boot as time to make them is limited! 


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