Cloudy Day illustration series - Cushions now available

A quirky illustration of a pair of flowers on a cloudy day, one with an umbrella and the other without. Where can this lead? To a humorous display of the perils of nature in a set of three illustrations of thunderstorm, rainstorm and sunshine.

The first of these made an appearance on Ari's new library book bag/tote bag and will a little editing has made the final cut as part of the set now used on cushions available from joyjoie.

Cloudy Day Cushions

The creative director loves the lightning bolt on the thunderstorm theme and has claimed this as he pillow, although she was quite happy to play with the set while I was attempting to get some product images.

Am thinking I may have to get a set of these printed and framed for my studio to keep me cheerful when the days are cloudy.


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