Coco Inspired Birthday Party

When I planned Ari's Frozen birthday party all those years ago I never imagined that I would be throwing her an almost as epic party annually!

Time was against me this time round so the Disney Coco themed party was of necessity a little less epic than usual but we still had fun creating our own games and decorations for the day.

Once again tissue boxes and cardboard tubes came to my rescue as I created Skeleton bowling. Hectors head became the bowling ball and when wielded effectively took his legs out from under him. Poor Hector was broken apart and put together again many times but Ari loved playing the game.



Telling Hector the skeleton a secretFace off with hector from Coco


We also played "Pin the Wings on Dante" using a Disney image and some wings Ari and I made from craft feathers and paper.

Pin the Wings on Dante

The children loved this twist on the classic pin the tail on the donkey game.

Playing Pin the Wings on Dante


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