Customise a Teepee - Colour and Motif

Tepee customisations are a real delight for me. I love working on the ideas that my customers have for their teepees and seeing how they evolve from the initial ideas to the final product.

The ways to customise tepees are so wide and variable that I am going to do a short series of posts on some of the possibilities.

Todays teepee customisation features variations to the Secret Woodland Teepee. The goal for the woodland internals was to create depth with colour while coordinating the colour to the decor already in the nursery. To achieve this the internal design was retained per the standard tipi but three different shades of fabric from light grey thorough to lilac were used for the trees and animals. I love the soft colours and effect this created.

The tepee doors decorations were redesigned with a bushy tailed fox peering into the teepee and the same cheeky (but tiny) fox sitting on the back panel in a pop of bright orange. I love this detail and am tempted to make the little fox a part of future teepee designs, he is truly adorable.

Woodland Teepee Customisation

Cheekly fox on tepee

More customisations to come...


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