DIY Wayfinder Toy Boat

It would not have been a Moana themed birthday party without a sailing boat making an appearance.  

Each of the children (or should I call them Wayfinders?) had their own sailboat to decorate and "sail" in shallow tubs of water. The decorating included stamping their fabric sails with the Heart of Te Fiti and drawing additional decorations onto the sail with fabric markers. The sail then slipped onto the mask of the raft along with a ribbon ties to the top of the mast and they were ready to set sail.

Here is what I prepared...

Popsicle stick raft with mast

Popsicle stick raft

Calico Sail and hand carved Heart of Te Fiti stamp

Fabric stamping diy moana style sail 

So I had nine sets of everything set out in the calm before we added the last ingredient, children, and the chaotic scramble for fabric markers and the stamp commenced.

Moana Theme birthday party boat activity

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