Fabric Garlands have arrived at joyjoie

Inspired to make full use of my fabrics I have started creating handmade fabric garlands and ribbon garlands.

prink gift box fabric garland wrap

For home decorating and gift wrapping - with the smaller ribbon garland - these garlands combine two of my favourite things, fabric and polkadots, its a marriage made in heaven to me.

fabric garland dots handmade 

They are also heaps of fun to do so all is good in the world of joyjoie. The creative director was very excited about the new product range but very disgruntled when informed she would not be allowed to play with them, not event the prototypes or fabric discs! So the range is small right now but its going to grow fast as for most teepee door prints plus many more prints besides there will eventually be a garland and/or ribbon garland. So far we are rocking pink, blues & browns as well as Christmas, as it almost is the season.

Christmas Garland decorating a teepee .


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