Frozen Party - the reveal

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The Disney Frozen movie has been a revelation to the creative director, suffice it to say it has eclipsed tinker bell (for now) and when the topic of a birthday party theme came up the resounding response was Frozen Party!!!

So with the theme locked in the party planning started in earnest. Ari's costume, a new teepee (of course it is me after all and I seem unable to let a birthday pass without making Ari a new teepee), decorations, activities and sweets.

It was a wonderful party and despite best laid plans I ran out of time to take proper photos before the guests arrived but here it is as best as I can cobble together with the photos we did manage to get...

The Costume

My little frozen princess looked so sweet in her Elsa outfit.

Outfitted in a blue leotard, blue chiffon wrap skirt and homemade sparkly cape/veil, the munchkin looked beautiful (I know I am biassed but she is adorable). 

Girl playing with Disney Frozen dolls

A snowflake wrist hanger completed the look and came in handy for those times when she wanted to do her magic and throw some snow around.    

The Teepee

This teepee needed to be something special, as a centrepiece of the Party it had to be Frozen themed but I was not enthusiastic about a teepee that would be Frozen forever (after all another tinker bell movie is on its way and Ari may jump back to her fairy phase). Added to that, Ari already has two teepees so what could she possibly need three for? Let alone fitting another teepee in our jam packed apartment. A little thinking later I decided on making a family sized teepee to fit over the foot of Arianna's bed, that way she can keep the other tepees and we don't lose any more valuable floor real estate.

The teepee was a quiet place to relax mid party, a good place to read a book, a sneaky spot to take a picnic on the sweet treats out of parental eyes, have a chat and even a place to rumble (courtesy of the post sugar rush).  

Teepee in Frozen theme

The snowballs are a collection of fabric and paper balls that I had a wonderful time creating. 

Fabric snowball decorations for frozen party

For the tipi design, I went with a white minimalist tee pee and dressed it up with what I am calling the "teepee wrapper" which is essentially removable decorations that drape over the tepee plus a series of snowballs. The wrapper itself was decorated with Disney Frozen pictures selected by Ari and snowflakes (thank goodness for my Sizzix Bigshot that i used to cut the paper and fabrics).

Teepee decorated with fabric snowballs

Finally I completed the look with some cosy soft furnishings; a blue and white polkadot minkie topped base mat and a collection of cushions. Ari loves the big snowflake cushion and insists on a singalong with Olaf's Summertime song to go with the cushion handwritten with the lyrics whenever the mood takes her.

Handmade frozen themed cushions with snowflakes and lyrics

The Decorations

One of the main things I wanted for the party was to create a mood in the room. There were a few challenges with this; top of the list being the scale (it was a BIG room) and the high ceilings. All plans of hanging snowflakes from the ceiling were fast dismissed and I had to come up with plan B.

The solution … a series of paper umbrellas suspended from the floor/table up and decorated with "snowballs". Unfortunately a couple of these missed their photo call and are not represented here. That being said, greeting the guests as they arrived were a pairing of umbrellas, the first was decorated with balloons (mainly white but a couple of blue ones with white text for the 4th birthday) and the second with tissue paper flowers.

Then on the children's activities tables there were three more umbrellas; snowflakes, cotton balls and paper lanterns.

pretend snow made from fabric, cotton balls and paper lanterns

The umbrellas and the teepee were the big decorative features with smaller touches. 

Frozen sticky labels for the childrens water cups (blue and white of course).




Plus Olaf lanterns, Frozen Poster, snowflakes scattered on tables and the activities as well as the sweets table completing the look.

We gave each child their party favour as they arrived, a handmade Olaf softie. I was prepared with fabric pens so the children could name their Olaf's and enjoy them at the party.

OlafSofties The basket was full with over 20 Olaf's to begin with but by the time I got to it with the camera, it was somewhat depleted.

The Activities

I planned a multitude of activities for the children as we wanted them to be engaged and have fun while their parents had a chance to relax and enjoy the food and company.

By far one of the favourite activities - with the added bonus of getting the whole group of children together - was Olaf Bowling. The idea came from a DIY Snowman Bowling Game that I stumbled across one day. I made a few variations to the original DIY to make my snowman look like Olaf (well as much as is possible with tissue boxes) and in my twist of the game the ball stand-in was a needle felted "troll". I just loved those little guys in the movie and wanted to make sure they made an appearance at the Frozen party, even if only in their rock form. Olaf Bowling with troll ball

Several of the other activities relied on the great Disney Frozen printable activities. Olaf colouring in, snowflake mazes, memory game and build a snowman are all great resources for children's parties. The memory card game was great, Arianna in particular loved it so well worth the few minutes it takes to make.

MemoryGameTiedUp_crop MemoryGame_Crop

Build a snowman was downsized and pre-cut on sticker paper so that the children could "build" Olaf onto a frozen scene any way they liked.


Build A Snowman

There was also an Elsa Crown and/or Sven Reindeer making station. The idea came from my Sisters Suitcase Frozen Party who kindly included a link to their crown template which we used, although I came up with a different reindeer shape. The children had sticky sparkles to attach to their crown or reindeer and then they wore their hear wear.

Reindeer Making Station

Extra information on the activities coming soon...

The Sweets

This was the part that I was looking forward to the least but lucky for me mum came to stay and saved me from many kitchen disasters. She is also very handy at making Pavlova and blue toffee so Ari's wish to have a Frozen castle cake was able to become a reality. CakeAri_blog

In addition to the pavlova ice castle cake we made mud cake chocolate troll balls, white mud cupcakes with lemon sugar drizzle, marshmallow pops and of course a couple of glasses of white and blue sweets. Once the children saw the marshmallow pops it was a thriving hub of the party. Blue and white party favour boxes were filled with goodies to be devoured later and the table was littered with discarded straws as remnant of food enjoyed. SweetTreatsCake_crop SweetsTable_View_crop LolliesJar_crop

Mum even made a cute needle felted Olaf and ribbon flower to decorate the table.

SweetsTableOlafTerrarium_crop I hope you enjoyed a peek inside Arianna's 4th birthday Disney Frozen Party. If you did please stay tuned for, how to's / tutorials, links to resources, inspirations and frozen party planning tips in related posts.

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This is adorable! It looks like your little princess had a wonderful time! Nicely done!

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