Fun times in the tepee with our Sloths (& monkey)

Ari and I decided to welcome the new mega Sloth (affectionally known as Zloth) and Monkey (called Cute) to our family with a photoshoot in one of the Family sized tents. We had a lot of fun as you can see from the pictures...

Teepee with Cuddle Buddies Sloth in Tent Organising Toys

The creative director is looking to expand her role in Joyjoie, now it appears she is also chief stylist, art director and vying for a role as photographer. She did such a good job I had to include a very rare picture of me...

Face of  Joyjoie

Why not bring a little or a lot of joy into your home this festive season with a Joyjoie children's teepee? Contact me for details on Australian handmade teepees or Craftholic Cuddlie Buddies as seen here.


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