Furoshiki new to joyjoie

Do you ever find that chance meetings bring unexpected outcomes?

There are of course the big chance meetings such as meeting the man who has become my husband. Then there are the small ones...this one provided impetus for me to create my new product line of custom made Furoshiki cloths.

The story goes - on a recent visit to the hairdressers a collection of coincidences occurred:

1. I did not take the baby bag (almost unheard of in the last 2.6 years).

2. At the last minute I grabbed a Furoshiki cloth I was experimenting with (from my 'fabric that will find a purpose someday' supply from years ago) and knotted it into a shoulder bag.

3. There was a new customer at the hairdressers.

So when I arrive at the hairdressers my hairdresser admired my bag and said "you should sell them", which the new customer overheard and said "yes I will buy one"

And today the bag was delivered...a gift for the customers daughter in law. Not the one featured here as I don't want to ruin the surprise.

I hope she gets joy from her new bag.

Furoshiki Orange Bag

As I find time between playing with the creative director and teepee making I will make more Furoshiki cloths so watch this space for new cloths to be released.


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