Handmade rug in blues

Its amazing what you can do with worn out mens business shirts and a cut off toothbrush handle...a beautiful handmade rug!

Folded Toothbrush rug

This was my first toothbrush rug project, it took me 2 months, a lot of fabric and one bamboo toothbrush to complete. Every time I sit or walk on it the rug brings me joy and it amuses me endlessly seeing my husband and daughter walk around it if they have their shoes on or are carrying food. 

As I was working on the shirt rug I was busy thinking up new ways more things I can create with my trusty toothbrush and some fabric. I have lots of ideas in addition to the obvious, placemats, coasters and bowls.  But first Ari wanted a rug for her room so discarded some flannel sheets, doona covers and remnant fabric became my rectangle rug experiment. 

A girl sitting on a pastel pink toothbrush rug

On to the next project, watch this space for whats to come with my toothbrush rug adventures!





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