Hopscotch Bee Game

Hopscotch is a classic game from my childhood, recently I wondered where my daughter could play...a rock and some chalk markings on the pavement like I used to play would not be the done thing where we live. I let it rest for a while as I was too busy making teepee's like a busy bee to think about or act on a new idea, even if it was for Ari to play with.

bee marker hopscotch

But the idea would not be put aside to make her a fun hopscotch mat, not being one to just do it as its always been done I came up with the idea of a honeycomb. Given  the amount of time I spend holding, searching for and washing 5 different, but the same, bumble bees that are the creative directors constant companions its really not surprising the bee theme came to mind. So after some sketching, computer designing, playing with templates and fabric as well as a confab with the wise one (my mum who knows everything about sewing) the concept moved into reality. I had a fun day piecing it all together and then making the finishing touches.

The creative director loves it, while she is not old enough to hop on one foot yet she does do a cute little jump step and generally plays and runs on the mat, tossing the bee marker as she goes. Just listed on Etsy, I have supplies to make one (possibly 2) more Hopscotch bee games the same as the original.

bee hopscotch mat


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