How customised can a teepee be?

Handmade, customised and personalised all co-exist harmoniously in the world of joyjoie, especially when it comes to teepees.

Recently a customer set the challenge to create a secret woodland teepee with decorated external walls and quite a lot of discussion later we came up with the perfect teepee...for this family.

And here it is, the secret woodland and wall art teepee.

The doors are in lovely chevron stripe Teepee with Chevron Doors

The external panels are all decorated with removable wall art for all the elements, except the waves in the ocean scene

Ocean scene on tepee

there is also a mountain scene (my favourite)

Tepee with Mountain Scene

and a fluffy clouds and airplane plane scene (also the child's name that I have cropped out of the photo)

Tepee with fluffy clouds

plus the secret woodland interior

Secret Woodland customised

and a coordinating mushroom cushion featuring clouds instead of spots.

Cloud cushion

There are lots of small details, like the fluffy peaks on the mountains that I am sure will add to the fun of this tepee for its owner and I hope he enjoys it as much as I did making it!


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