Infusible Ink Coasters for Fathers Day (and family)

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My EasyPress Mini arrived yesterday and I was so excited to try it out. So many options of what to make but with Fathers Day just around the corner I decided to make some coasters with infusible ink. 

Infusible ink cut, coasters ready, mini plugged in and all set to go I checked on the heat settings required. Of course! The coasters need a heat press and I don't have one of those!

Undeterred I thought the worst that could happen would be a sub-standard transfer. 300 seconds later (with the Mini on max heat) I had my first coaster. It seemed OK so I completed the set (one for each of us) and I am thrilled with the results.

Coaster Set

I keep running my fingers over the edges of them expecting to feel a difference but the colour really has infused the coaster!

What to make next with infusible ink? Not sure yet but hubby loves his coaster too. 

The materials I used for this project included:

If you are interested in a tutorial on how I created these coasters let me know, it may just end up on my YouTube channel.

Update 6 months on, many cups of water and tea resting on it later and my coaster is still as good as when I first infused it!

Joyjoie Coaster - 6 months later



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