Insect Furoshiki Cloth - breeding new life into old business shirts

The Dummy Fairy paid us a visit the other night and much to the creative directors delight she left her a present...insect ink stamps! The present was hiding in her teepee and spotted as soon as she got up in the morning. After a few stamping sessions we decided that the stamps needed a storage place between uses so in the bright sunshine that has finally arrived this morning we set to work making a Furoshiki Cloth for the stamps. It was a family activity and lots of fun.

The cloth (the back of an mens business shirt - thanks hubby) was washed, ironed, stamped and generally admired before being left out to admire the view as it dried in the sun. Then it was put to work and the stamps were packed away neatly.

Furoshiki insect design

Ari proclaimed it as her new handbag and the "Fairy Dummy" was given lots of praise for her present throughout the process.

Insect Process Furoshiki


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