Joyjoie Designs in Wraptious Competition

If you look around my home you would know I have a slight cushion obsession. I make them, I buy them and I design them for others to enjoy. So its probably no surprise that when Wraptious has a cushion designing competition I am all in.

It seemed like the perfect time to expand on an idea I had for spatially restricted animals so this is my take on some of my favourites



Snow leopard inspired cushion design


Rabbit inspired cushion

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard cushion


Echidna inspired cushion

and Platypus

 Platypus inspired cushionWraptious cushions are so fantastic, they feel amazing, look great and even a few years in show no obvious signs of the daily trials in a home with a little girl.

So if, like me, you feel the need to fill your home with cushions you can shop now or share the love with a "like" on the designs that make you smile. 

These are available to purchase for a limited time directly from Wraptious through the links on the images above.



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