Joyjoie Elidi Sun Wrap Athleisure wear with UV protection coming soon

As summer approaches I like to imagine myself wandering the beach looking amazing in athleisure wear and a bathing suit and while that day-dream may be a little (or long) way off I decided the imaginary me does not need further freckles or sun damage and therefore needs a long flowing UVP50+ sun wrap to protect me from the sun.

So I took all the elements that I love from the original Joyjoie sun wrap, The Aelianna including:

  • the cowl/hood for just neck or neck and head sun protection
  • the zipper at the back so that I can control the airflow on my back for cool and warm days
  • the UPF50+ materials which have amazing drape and wicking properties to help keep me cool event while covered up

and then to make it the floaty wrap I see in my imagination I made some changes:

  • extended the length to create long flowing leaves from the shoulders to mid calf
  • widened the front opening to create a lovely structural element at the collarbone
  • decided on a two-tone fabric selection with separate fabric colours for the cowl/hood and the leaves of the wrap
  • added an optional decorative zipper pull that is made with pompoms and tassels and can be worn either on the neck pull on the back zipper

The prototype Elidi sun wraps are currently being put through their paces by Ari for the tween perspective and by myself for the adult review.

Girl wearing Elidi SUn wrap by joyjoie 

 The versions shown here are OOAK for my girl and I. The print on the adult version uses UPF50+ fabric that I have embellished with Joyjoie design dandelions using Cricut infusible ink to add the motif to the fabric. I am thrilled how the fabric turned out and love wearing my new wrap over my summer dresses.

Dandelion motif created with Cricut infusible ink

The Elidi sun wrap is coming soon for women and tweens in three different fabrics all with wicking properties and in a range of colour combinations (choose your own!). The wraps will be custom made to order in Australia so if you are looking for functional yet stylish athleisure wear SPF cover ups for the poolside or beach contact me to preorder your bespoke Joyjoie Elidi Sun Wrap!


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