Kakamora inspired plushies

Bringing the Kakamora to life as a craft activity for my daughters Disney Moana themed birthday party in these simplified plushies was super fun and easy (although very fluffy!).

making a kakamora inspired plushie 

I used a tennis ball construction method. The pattern took a few tries to get right and as the sherpa faux fur I used is non-stretch it was quite unforgiving when it came to being completely round. I decided this have the kakamora inspired softy more character and individuality.

So basically I cut two of the tennis ball parts and appliquéd a cotton face onto the front of one of these.

That done I marked the centre points on the long and short folds of each part and pinned them right sides together, starting in a "T" shape. 

Then it was time to sew them. I used the machine with the stepping foot (my fabric was grippy) but this step could also be done by hand. The stitch starting point was also super important as I wanted the hole for turn through and stuffing away from the face.

Once sewn it was just a case of turning through to have fluffy side out, stuffing with toy fill and hand sewing the hole closed.

I ended up with a box full of softies ready to be given faces. 

Box of plushies to be decorated with fabric markers

Faces were added to these fur balls at Ari's Moana themed birthday party using fabric markers and the imaginations of the children. 

The results were amazing but sadly I cannot post them all here, these are the ones we have in our house...

Decorated DIY softy

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