Kale the Koala is here!!!

Kale is a Koala who likes to eat eucalyptus leaves, sleeps most of the time and enjoys hugs. 

Kale the Koala with Ari

Kale the Koala is also my latest creation and is available as a kit or pattern for you to make one of your very own.

Now it is confession time, I love soft stuffed toys. When I was a teenager my mum thought I would grow out of them but now many (well very many really) years later I still love them and not so secretly covet the teddy bears and softies my daughter is accumulating. 

Kale is my new absolute favourite soft toy ever! I love how soft he is, I love how floppy he is, I love that he cuddles back with his long arms and legs and I love his adorable little face. In fact I love him so much I made one for Ari and one for me too.

Which one is mine???

Two Koalas 

If you would like a kale of your very own he is available in a Kit or as a PDF.



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