Mathilda's Market - Teepees & Decoration Packs (just over 4 weeks to go)

Interested in what teepees and tee-pee wall art you are going to find at the upcoming February Mathilda's Market. Well here is part 1 with more items to be posted as the stock is made.

So far you will find:

Transport Teepee in a special grey and white fine checked material and great prints for the wall art

The Spring Themed wall art teepee as seen in The Age Spring teepee wall art

Transport theme in traffic fabric

Transport Teepee Play

Butterfly theme

Butterfly Teepee

Jungle theme in pinks (also Elephant fabric to come for this theme) jungle wall art

Night theme two-tone teepee and wall art

Night wall art

Dinosaur theme in red and blue camo (also brown camo version in production)  

Woodland theme teepee

Woodland Tee-pee Handmade side view

and much more already in final stages of production...


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