Minimalist Teepee upsized

Most of the time I create teepees that I think will be beautiful and bring children (and parents) joy but sometimes the custom order stretches the boundaries and in this case the stretch was quite literal!

A Minimalist teepee for a person who is a long way from toddlerhood. What a great idea, people comment that they wished they had a teepee as a child or that they wished they could have one for themselves, well one brave soul has said "why can't I have one"?

So I upsized the whole thing to the limits of my fabric and now there is a new, slightly larger, tee-pee option. It is a little over 110cm square at the base and even that small difference in overall size makes it feel very roomy indeed.

I tested it out myself - with some help from the creative director - and we agree it is fantastic, although it does require longer poles which I do not have at the moment so we had to test it with the standard length poles and as a result it did not look its absolute best in the photos. Ari had a great time hiding inside the large space and also running in and out and in again, and again.

teepee play

I have been promised a photo for the blog when it is setup at its final destination so watch this space for the first joyjoie grownups teepee customer photo. For now here is a photo of the teepee during testing.

teepee grownups


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