New Furoshiki instore now!

Amongst the first things I sewed as a child - on the vintage Singer sewing machine my mum inherited from her grandmother - was a bag ... so began my fascination with making fabric bags. 

When I stumbled across furoshiki a few years ago I was all-in. This was not just a bag, it was lots of different bags plus giftwrap.

My daughter has grown accustomed to giving furoshiki wrapped presents at birthday parties and her friends use the fabric later for all manner of things. I just love that the fabric gets a new life after its initial use is done.

With my latest range of furoshiki I have added a little extra functionality in the form of a pocket. The pocket is sew into the cloth such that the cloth can be folded (or scrunched) into the pocket when the furoshiki is between uses. 

They are made in bold and bright Kokka fabrics to help brighten up your day. Shop the range now.


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