Pet Teepees now available

Visitors to my market stalls come in a range of styles; doting family and friends of young children, children unwilling to decamp, grown ups who are unashamed to bring fragments of wonder into adulthood and then there are those that approach with a little caution and almost embarrassment…why? Well they want a tepee for their much beloved dog or cat.

So here it is, the indoor haven for a dog with a big imagination and sense of make believe or perhaps just the desire to nap in a place all their own.

The indoor pet teepee…unadorned

Small dog teepee

after a wolf (hand carved stamps printed onto the tipi in reality) went for a walk on it

Footprints on teepee

Just try and keep the Creative Director out of a teepee. Even at this size, she managed to fit with a couple of pretend pets...

Child inside a pet teepee

thanks for your patience animal lovers while I got this teepee into production! and she decided to add a new skillset to her role in Joyjoie "stylist" and here is what she created...

Mini Stylist Teepee


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