Rainbow teepee for my girl

If you are a joyoie follower then you have probably figured out that I am pretty passionate about my teepees. Each one is painstakingly handmade and a labour of love. Equally true is that for each one I make my daughter says "for me mama" and each time I tell her the name of the people I am making the teepee for so she can understand that another child will love it...but I still feel just a little guilty that once again this one is not for her.

Now I should say that Ari has the original joyjoie teepee, the prototype for the wall art teepees and it is a much loved feature in our living room (or balcony in good weather). She loves it and complains if I need to move it for any reason.

Why I think should a child who has a mum who makes teepees be limited to one? If I made clothes or toys then I would surely have made her several by now but as its a teepee she only gets one. It does not seem fair so with her 3rd birthday imminent I have decided to make her a new teepee and in honour of one of her favourite things it will be rainbow themed.

It is yet to be embellished with a few additional features but here is a sneak peek. Ari will be the first to see the total reveal and I will make sure to post again when the look is complete. 


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