Rainy Day...again

The creative director and I have been industriously collecting autumn leaves for a few months now. We are both very selective, hers must be small and perfectly formed - otherwise they are rejected on inspection. Mine (and hers at my insistence) must be from the footpath or grass not the gutter although size is not an issue for me.

The point to this collecting has been a vague desire to make some leaf print fabric for the creative director. It would serve the dual purpose of being a great craft activity for us to share and making something useful. The idea came to life when I found Sun dyes, a sunlight activated fabric paint at the Sydney craft expo earlier this week and since then we (well me really) have been eagerly awaiting the weekend and a sunny day to put my plan into action. And then it rains, and rains, and then rains some more so not only is there no sun but there is nothing but beak grey sky as far as the eye can see which is not far given the water haze on the horizon.

Will have to spend the day making teepees instead and keep on waiting for that sunny day to come.


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