Sacred Lotus Teepee - Lets meditate!

I am so excited to launch this latest teepee, the Sacred Lotus, to the Joyjoie range. It's evolution was both very slow and whirlwind. In early February this year we went on a fairy trail walk around the Sydney Botanic Gardens and while Ari was enraptured by taking photos with Tinkerbell and Silvermist (courtesy of an app) I was captivated by the lotus pond. What an amazing sight, all those enormous green leaves and the occasional pink flower popping above the rest, you could barely even see the water. It was beautiful and I look loads of photos attempting to capture it in my mind and phone (one day on which I wished for more than the iPhone camera). And there the images stayed - a lingering impression in my mind and pictures to scroll past looking for something else - until last week.

About this time last week, after a very atypical bout of procrastination on an assignment for Creating Collections for Home Decor (a MATS course) I decided to try and draw the lotus flowers and leaves. Pretty soon I had the image of the completed teepee in my mind and in a whirlwind of activity I mocked up the computer version and that was it, this teepee had to be made. I just love the way it makes me feel sitting in there, I am not one to meditate but perhaps with this teepee I could make a go of it.

It could also be a wonderful place to play or relax for children, I can imagine my little creative director sitting in there with her toy frogs, jumping them from leaf to leaf and making up stories (she is big on pretend play). For extra comfort I also designed and made some coordinating cushion and pillow covers to complement the teepee.


Next up with be a storage sack to cart all the toys into and out of the play zone, but that is for another day. This indoor teepee is available by custom order in both the Regular Size (as photographed) or the Family Size (please see the specifications tab of the listing for details) so contact me for pricing and timeframes. 

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Hi, what are the actual sizes and how much are they. Do you post to central coast nsw 2261?

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