Secret Desert Teepee arrives

As a child my parents loved nothing more than taking my sister and I on camping holidays to the deserts in the outback of Australia. Since then I have learnt that dessert is not the same as desert and that camping is not the only style of holiday on offer.

That is not to say that I don't still love tents, I just prefer them to be indoor and shaped like a tepee for me to really want to get in one!

So in honour of a childhood fondly remembered and to continue on with the secret hideaway theme I have created the secret desert teepee.

Styled around the habitat of the Sonoran Desert in the United States and its iconic Saguaro Cactus this teepee features cacti and animals native to the desert. While I was tempted to include some surprising desert dwelling creatures such as a turtle, I decided to decorate the teepee with Harris Hawk, Mule Deer and Harris Antelope Squirrel (or at least my interpretation of these animals as a silhouette).

tepee decorated with Hawk

So if you have been to the desert or just seen the new Lone Ranger movie and want to inspire your children to play desert games, minus the sand and prickles take a look that this new teepee...


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