Secret Ranges Teepee

Some time ago I quietly made a new style of secret hideaway teepee and shipped it off to a family in Germany.

Now with Australia Day fast approaching it is only fitting that the new style finally be officially announced … the Secret Ranges Teepee.

Named after the Otway Ranges in Victoria - the location of many childhood family camping trips - the Secret Ranges tepee features a kangaroo, koala and additional koala or kookaburra in the trees. I elected to leave the leeches that abound in the Otways off the teepee.

Here are a few examples of the teepee that have gone to homes in Australian and overseas already...

Kangaroo in Teepee

a peek inside  

Webs_Koala copy

koala in a tree  

Joyjoie Teepee

kookaburra perching.

I need a little time to replenish stocks in my online stores but if you are interested in this style please let me know and I can make one just for you.


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