Silk face masks and silk face scarfs

Face masks are the business persons latest accessory and like a lovely silk tie or scarf can be not only a practical consideration but also one that makes a statement. But not all fabric masks are created equal, Joyjoie face masks have been constructed with fit, comfort, talking and breathability in mind. 
Masks are washable and made in three sizes for tweens (S), women (M) and men (M or L). With a nose wire to help shape the mask to your facial contours (also helps minimise the chance of glasses fogging up) as well as adjustable elastic ear ties the masks that can be adjusted to fit the individual. 
Joyjoie face masks come in two fabric combinations:
- 100% natural silk | 100% rayon | 100% cotton
- 100% cotton | 100% rayon | 100% cotton 
Each mask is made to order so you can choose your fabric and size to suit your personality and wardrobe. The fabric range includes block colours such as navy blue and charcoal as well as prints including spots, watercolours and florals. Interested in seeing the fabric options? check them out here... 
Looking for an alternative to a face mask? Well there is the option of a silk face scarf.
The face scarf is also three layer with the outer silk layer draping from the nose wire partway down the body and wrapping comfortable around the nape of the neck. The second and third layers are created as a small face shield sewn into the inside of the scarf.
The scarf is multipurpose as in addition to being worn covering the nose and mouth it can be draped around the neck to look more like a traditional scarf or even be used as a headband.
Joyjoie fabric face masks and silk face scarfs are handmade using high quality materials however they are not medical grade masks. Wearing a face mask or scarfs does not guarantee protection from viruses or other pathogens. Joyjoie is not liable for the use or misuse of the mask or scarfs and by purchasing from Joyjoie you agree to "use the mask or scarf at your own risk." 
If you are interested in the science behind fabric face masks and why I choose silk for my family? There has been some interesting research into various fabrics including silk and cotton ...


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