spring theme teepee in animal print - handmade

The joyjoie teepee is like no other, with removable decorations the look can be changed as often as the whims of your child who loves butterflies one week and martians the next. Alternatively, each wall can be decorated in a different theme to suit more than one child’s likes. It is stylish enough to be enjoyed in a child’s room or even the playroom/living room of your home.

This teepee has a bright and colourful print door front and matching spring theme wall art decorations pack made from the door panel print (total 26 individual wall art decorations) depicting turtles, flowers, toadstools, dragonflies and birds that you and your child can enjoy placing on the teepee. The joyjoie teepee also has a luxurious padded floor mat, smooth on one side and fake fur on the other for extra comfort (especially for those occasions when parents are required in the teepee by the child). The inside of the teepee is decorated with a panel of “hello” fabric in various languages (to encourage learning) and has a window for added fun and ventilation.

*** In this model all of the decorations; wall art, print door front and internal decorative “hello” panel are removable allowing a whole new look to be created with one structure and thus this teepee is even more versatile***

The teepee measures just over 1m square at the base and is about 1.7m tall, so it comfortably fits a little person or two plus books and toys. There is even space for an adult and child inside. Enjoy your teepee inside or out, just please remember to keep it inside overnight and in windy or rainy weather.

The joyjoie teepee’s unique construction has been designed with stability in mind.

This spring theme handmade teepee is made with cream coloured 100% cotton main fabric and cotton print. The base matt is made from cream coloured 100% cotton on one side and polyester fake fur on the other with wadding between.

The joyjoie teepee’s are all of limited run with respect to the door print panel and decorations pack fabric selections so if you see one you like grab it fast so you are not disappointed, as an added bonus you will never have to worry about seeing one exactly the same elsewhere. Visit me on Etsy to see what teepees are currently available or you can send me a message via my contact page.


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