Surprise Christmas Box unveiled

Who would think that an unassuming paper box could be so surprising!

Open the lid and reveal the wonders inside an explosion gift box.

I have Christmas gifts on my mind and so the first Surprise boxes available are themed for the season. I have had a lot of fun thinking up little gifts and surprises that would make my friends and family happy on Christmas day and came up with my ideal configuration for a Christmas gift box:

  • The smallest box
    • Flower Envelope - because it  is pretty and fun to open and close
    • 3D Christmas Tree decoration - I do love my horticulture
    • Opening Star Card (hidden bonbon) - bows and bonbons who can resist
    • Vase of Cherries with cherry pull-out - a little bit of cute fun
    • Medium Box
      • Pocket with Christmas Menu Zine - left blank for my hubby to fill out (oh and Ari will add her desserts)
      • Pocket with Slider "No Peeking" Card - a memory from childhood
      • Pocket with glass charm identifier fabric covered button on a hair elastic - we all need to keep track of our own drinks! Also available individually or in a set here
        • Pocket with a set of 6 vouchers - my husband and child love vouchers so this one if for them 
        • Large Box
          • Pocket with a cellophane bag of paper confetti - because I want a table covered with confetti this Christmas
          • Pocket with organza Christmas Crown (ties on to fit most) - adding some festive cheer to the day
          • Pocket with lightly stuffed fabric tree ornament - for my tree
          • Pocket with a "search word" activity - Ari loves a treasure hunt and this will be a fun way to give the clues
              1. solve the search word to reveal the location
              2. find the gift
              3. go back step 1
          There are 7 locations to find as well as some Christmas words. Ari has negotiated a larger gift once all the locations are found.
          Interested in a Christmas Surprise box for your friends and family see the options here. You can select the elements included in your box to suit your needs!


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