Teepee Inspirations

Teepee's inspire the creative director and myself (the creator) in different ways.

The creative director is all about play so her teepee inspires her to use her imagination, today it is all about making a lego tower in the teepee with her Quarkel friend. I wonder if here tower will reach the peak of the teepee or if she will run out of lego or attention first?

For me on the other hand its often all about the fabric. Often they naturally suit a particular tipi theme and other times their theme hides for a while. The Parasol fabric of my latest teepee is divine and I was not prepared to cut it until I was sure I knew what it should become. The bright colours could really only be one thing in the end and that is Springtime.

I am so happy I waited to make it, I wonder if the creative director would have gotten as much joy from the tee-pee if it was styled differently?

Teepee Spring Parasols


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