Teepee Minimalist Style

Teepee minimalist style...joyjoie takes a step into classic clean lines for a very limited run teepee.

After a successful fabric shopping expedition which included acquisition of a lovely soft white cotton featuring stencil flowers I decided to make a "plain" teepee. I am still surprised by this - even after taking a whole day to make it - as I am so in love with my wall art teepee's but the fabric had its way and the result is really quite lovely. I did make one concession to applique by adding a flower to cover the door closure.

Teepee flower closure

The minimalist tee pee has all the design features of the wall art teepees except for the adaptability over time that they offer by updating the look. It is however very classic in this fabric and will stand the test of time in its own way. Will keep my eye out for prints that needs to be made into new versions of the minimalist teepee on future shopping expeditions.


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