Teepee Theme & Fabric Selection - February 2012

Teepee selection is fun! So, if you like teepees with removable wall art here is where you start with the selection process and its easier than ever.

Feel free to browse through the Portfolio menu and to check what styles are currently listed on MadeIt and Etsy. If you see what you want listed, great, but if you want more options I have now made the selection of current themes and fabrics available online. The fabric selection changes frequently (I love fabric shopping) so check-in to see the latest options.

This now allows you to make you theme and fabric selections at your leisure. Some fabrics lend themselves better to certain themes than others but there are no rules, just pick a theme and let me know what you like! Most fabrics are one-off's so I will confirm availability (and keep the selection up to date as much as possible) when I receive your email.

The fabric photo's are sometimes less than ideal and this combined with different monitors can sometimes lead to fabrics not looking their best over the computer, rest assured the fabrics are vibrant and beautiful.

Finally, if you have a special theme for your child's room and want to match the teepee to your decor, I can use your fabric to make the wall art and print door! I have even made a candy striped teepee for one little girl so let me know your needs and we can decide on the design that works for you and your family.


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