Tepee & Toadstool Photography

My teepees are seen in a whole new light in the latest professional photographs taken by Heidi Adnum.

As usual I am torn between admiring my beautiful daughter and the actual purpose of the photos which is to showcase my teepees and toadstool cushions.

For a mainly online business such as mine the value of great photos cannot be underestimated and I am constantly challenged by the physical scale of the teepee in the context of the environmental I have available for taking the photos. So when Etsy Australia presented me with the opportunity to have some photos taken by Heidi I was thrilled and now that I have them in my digital hands I am even more pleased.

Here are some of my favourites...

rainbow raindrops tepee

Rainbow teepee with cloud and raindrop wall art

Pirate Teepee by joyjoie

Pirate tepee with pirate girl

Child in Teepee

Playing peekaboo in spring theme

Australian Handmade Teepee

Defying gravity in the secret woodland tepee (graphite)

Pink Toadstool Cushions

We had a wonderful time, laughing all the way to the final shots of toadstools.


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