the next next teepee prototype - removable doors!


Not willing to let me rest and go into production of the teepee, the creative director requested some changes to the teepee design, she wanted to be able to completely change its look not just the decorations, so taking her feedback on board the removable decoration idea was taken up a level, removable doors were born.

A great deal of research later and sourcing of suppliers as well as the acquisition of some pretty serious heavy machinery that looks more like it belongs in a man-cave not a nicely appointed dining room (the nerve centre of joyjoie) we were ready to roll or snap to be more precise.

The creative director had sound reasoning behind this request. She put it to me like this...

A teepee is not an insignificant investment so imagine your horror when your little girl informs you that the teepee you lovingly selected for her some years ago is embarrassing, PINK is gross and she really doesn’t care for butterflies or bunnies anymore, what do you do get her a new one? Not likely. Just get rid of it? Not really a possibility given how much time she spends in it still (despite it being embarrassing). Well that’s where the removable decorations  step in, just take them all off, put them in your keepsake box to remember earlier times and replace them with non-pink, non-embarrassing decorations that are the latest fad in your little girls life. Simple!

So whether it’s the changing needs of your family or a seasonal change such as dressing the teepee up for Christmas, a themed birthday party or other event in your life the removable wall art can help. Just have a new decoration pack on hand and away you go the whole teepee can be transformed.


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