Tic Tac Toe meets joyjoie teepees

I thought I was making a minimalist teepee but as the day progressed and I considered my design imperative to create interactive and 'more than the expected' products I was discontented with what I was creating. Seeing no immediate resolution my mind wandered to things the creative director likes to do and the teepee became something more...a tic tac toe game board!

Making use of both the internal and external walls of the teepee it has two fully functional naughts and crosses game boards integrated into the design. It also has 5 each of naughts and crosses so that game play can be done in earnest by young and not-so young anymore. Such fun I cannot wait to play...

Now my fingers are itching to make the next evolutions of the game board concept so stay tuned for more colour schemes for tic tac toe and some brand new ideas along the same vein.

Chambray Tic Tac Toe Teepee


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