Toadstool cushion

What do ladybugs and toadstools have in common?

Polkadots! Polkadots and I have a long standing history dating back to early childhood when my favourite colour was pink with white polka dots. So it seems natural that I also really liked ladybugs and toadstools seeing as they are covered with spots and are completely adorable.

Now that I have a toddler I am given the freedom to revel in the delights of childhood and share with the creative director lots of whimsical things. I started with an amigurami toadstool. I had grand plans of making a whole forest of them but after the initial one was done I never got around to making more.  But she likes her mushroom and I need little encouragement to get more cute polkadot covered items in my life so I got to thinking.

Ever the practical mum I want her to have things that are functional and fun. I have also been thinking it might be nice for her to have a purpose built cushion for her teepee.  So the two ideas converged and I decided to make her a toadstool cushion/couch.

There were a few technical details to work through (such as making the template and figuring out how I wanted it to look, not to mention how to construct it) but once I was through thinking (insert sleepless night here) I got to work and made the most adorable toadstool for Bumble (the creative directors trusty sidekick). This was to be the scaled down tester version for the actual cushion for the creative director to sit and lean on. 

Toadstool cushions

Now the full sized toadstool cushion is complete and she loves it. She also loves the mini couch for bumble, she loves to be "same-same" and they look very cute sitting side by side on their couches.

Lean against mushroom cushion


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