Visit to the Sydney Craft Fair

It only comes once a year and to a crafty person like me, the Craft Fair is like Christmas.

All the planets were aligned, the Creative Director was having some "dada daughter time" (thanks to the hubby for booking out his diary for the morning), the weather was good (or it was pretending to be on my outgoing ferry trip) and I was in the mood for shopping!

I had a wonderful time and managed to get some truly amazing fabrics for teepee's and furoshiki cloths as well as some supplies to experiment with.

Granted I did get drenched with rain on the homeward journey as I protected my purchases from getting wet (they were deemed more important) on the 40 minute walk to the ferry and then home from the ferry...oh my dedication to fabric preservation.

Once I was warm and dry again I showed the family my purchases and they did a great job of being excited for me about my selections. 


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