Wall Art Teepee Themes

The wall art teepee is the most versatile in the joyjoie range. Whether you dress it for your child's taste., dress it for the family living room, dress it for Christmas or dress it to assist learning, your tee pee can adapt to the families needs with a simple change of decorations.

Each wall art children's play tent comes with one set of wall art and matching print doors. The choice of wall art theme and fabric is up to the customer. At present there are 16 themes to choose from; Alphabet, Butterfly, Christmas Baubles, Christmas Icons, Cloud, Dinosaur, Fairy Princess, Garden, Jungle, Night, Pirate, Sea Life, Space, Spring, Transport & Woodland.

Plus I am in the process of developing more themes so watch this space.

The fabric selection can make a big difference to to final effect, for instance any theme can look more feminine or masculine depending on if a fabric has lots of pink or blue tones. I have a large range of fabrics suitable for each theme and am happy to guide people through the process of pairing their theme of choice with the best fabric for their family.


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