Furoshiki Cloth with a pocket - Ruby Star Polka Dot

  • Furoshiki tied as a shopping bag

Furoshiki Cloth with a pocket - Ruby Star Polka Dot


This furoshiki cloth is functional, versatile and beautiful. In a variation to the tradition furoshiki cloth I had added a small pocket into which the unknotted or pre-knotted cloth fits for easy storage when not in use.

I have made this lovely furoshiki cloth using Ruby Star Polka Dot fabric made from 85% Cotton/15% Linen. The pattern has blocks of prints which creates interest when tied in different ways. There are two patterns available:

- crosses in panel (image 3)

- no crosses in panel (image 4)

Please select your pattern preference at checkout. Within each pattern option the exact positioning of the pattern blocks on the furoshiki will likely vary in placement from the ones depicted here.

By adopting the traditional Japanese techniques to tie furoshiki this one cloth can be, a cute handbag, an elegant gift wrap, a storage cloth for small items such as toys or socks, a carry bag and so much more.

The cloth is reusable and adaptable to your daily needs, just tie it a different way and it has a new purpose.

This cloth measures about 75cm square when flat and fits into the pocket that is about 16cm x 15cm. It is a single layer cloth which is strong and yet thin enough to easily to tie in various ways while maintaining a presentable and neat finish to the final knotted and folded bag or wrap. 

For those new to Furoshiki, this cloth comes with a pocket sized handbook including illustrated and written instructions to some of my favourite knotting/folding techniques.

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