Athleisure wear Aeliana Sun Wrap | UPF50+ | Sun Protective Clothing | UPF Wrap

  • side view microtex sun wrap

Athleisure wear Aeliana Sun Wrap | UPF50+ | Sun Protective Clothing | UPF Wrap


Sun protection is now functional and stylish with the Joyjoie Sun Wrap, the Aeliana designed to be worn over your activewear (or swimwear). 

Neither a poncho nor cape the Joyjoie Sun Wrap had a unique design with a split front and back creating elegant lines. The sun covers design and materials also make it great as an extra layer at work, in the car (yes UV can get you there too) and at home.

The unique design of the Joyjoie sun wrap blends the need for a UV barrier to protect the arms and neck with the need for lightweight breathable athleisure wear even on a hot summers day. 

The design features:

- A long cowl that can be worn as a hood or draped elegantly at the neck

- Split with a zipper at the back that can be worn open on hot days for maximum airflow while you workout or zipped shut on cooler days for a little more cosiness.

- Split front with arms that drape but do not wrap to allow free movement and airflow beneath the wrap even while your arms remain protected

- Thumb hooks hidden inside the wrap for those windy days to keep the wrap where it needs to be

suitable for tweens and adults

The fabric features:

- made from soft lightweight Microtex the fabric is rated for High UV protection 50+

- breathable mesh construction with softness and stretch

- wicking for moisture management and drying properties

- easy care

- 100% Polyester wicking with antimicrobial finish

Alternative fabric options are available in separate listings.

The Joyjoie sun-wrap is designed and handmade in Australia. Each sun wrap is custom made to measure as part of the bespoke service where you select your fabric and provide two measurements to allow for fit and comfort. Feel free to contact me to discuss measurements either before or after you place your order.