When a design just wont work for a teepee but could be great for something else it comes here. See something you like or interested in a design commission let me know.  

Milk jar with colourful straws illustration  Macaroon repeat pattern for gift market Gelato in display cabinet illustration
illustration of a puffin sitting on a wheelbarrow full of tumbling flowers Blue background assymetrical spot surface pattern repeat with reddish orange accents technical repeat pattern
Racoon Antics forest bath placement print Forest tree surface pattern repeat Toadstool surface pattern repeat design
Dragonfly flor pattern repeat Illustrated kawaii girl with background pattern Lotus leaf vertical pattern
Red panda in bamboo forest illustration Beaver standing in birch forest illustration Birds in cherry blossoms illustration
Petal floral technical repeat swirl of petals Circle repeat in rich warm pinky purples
Mandarin fish sneaker design mockup/td> succulent plant sneaker mock-up Retro Pop pattern
Chevron Wallpaper mockup by joyjoie Scarf with fish in coral reef illustration