When it comes to selecting the photos I suggest categorising the photos into the mini albums as follows: 

  • Mini Flip Albums (x4 each with 4 photos and a title)
    • Album Title and 4 photos (eg. The Romance - photos with significant other)
    • Album Title and 4 photos (eg. The Adventures - photos from a holiday)
    • Album Title and 4 photos (eg. The Family - photos of children/siblings)
    • Album Title and 4 photos (eg. The Journey - photos from past birthdays)
  • Mini Slider (x4 each with 3 photos)
    • 3 photos in a theme (eg. photos of friends)
    • 3 photos in a theme (eg. photos of a wedding)
    • 3 photos in a theme (eg. photos of pets)
    • 3 photos in a theme (eg. photos of the family)
  • Concertina (one panorama or two small photos)


    •  a photo pair (eg. photo of parents)
    • one panorama photo 

The largest box is approximately 9 x 9 x 9cm.

This is how the blank box looks...

  A slower version coming soon on youtube.