Arrows...just because

Inspired by the traditional arrow, I have made a collection of arrows that are far from serious and have absolutely no practical use!

But I love them all the same.

Arrows copy

As with most things I make, fabric is the core material and continuing the trend of using non-traditional materials there are no wooden components. This was deliberate, everything in my home needs to be safe for the creative director to play with and I thus needed something that would bend.

Play Arrows

Each arrow is fabric wrapped and has a feather made from fabric stamped with my hand-carved stamp.

The first batch was unfortunately not photographed before they were all taken to new homes so I have made a few more and I plan to keep making them. If these arrows take your fancy let me know...I can even make them to match your bespoke tepee. After all arrows and teepees are a perfect match.

Fabric Feathers


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