"Beatiful and well made teepee. Thank you very much for your work!" Katya - August 2015

"I got the teepee quite quickly. It looks great! Thank you so much for getting it to us :)"   Pritee - August 2015

"Hi Suzy! I just received it!!! It's gorgeous thank you! I don't think I realized how personal it would feel to have something especially created for [son]. And it feels good. ?" SM - August 2015

"Hi Suzy, We received the teepee and it's all set up. Love love love it! Our little girl is going to have so much fun in it :) Thankyou so much!" Anita - July 2015

"Hi Suzy, The teepee ... looks fantastic. [Daughter] loves it! Thank you" Matt - July 2015

"Thank you so much for the gorgeous teepee Suzy. The instructions were very easy to follow. [child] adores it so much!" Anouska - July 2015

"It was a pleasure doing business with you Suzy. You were very helpful, answered all my questions, and shipped my teepee promptly! Can't wait to assemble it and see how it looks. Fantastic shop! Would highly recommend you." Lucy - June 2015

"The teepee arrived mid last week and it's now all set up and perfect! Thank you so much for the service, it's amazing" Stacey-Lea - June 2015

"What a beautifully made tent - clearly made with love. My son loves it! And so do I- a nice place for us to read and play together. Fast and friendly service." Katy - June 2015

"Looks fantastic. Thankyou again for making and delivering so quickly." Miriam - June 2015 and "Beautiful quality and the friendliest service! Speedy turnaround and delivery too."  Miriam - April 2015

"So exciting!! Looks incredible... Can't wait for the kids to play in it...Thanks again Xx" Stefanie - June 2015

"Hi, our teepee just arrived. I love it. Thank you."   Kelly - June 2015

"Hi Suzy! The teepee arrived ... It's beautiful! Thank you so much!!!"   Cristina - April 2015

"Thank you so much, my daughter loved the tent. Great service provided."   Frances - April 2015

"I just wanted to say that we set the teepee up tonight and it looks amazing! Our little girl will love it :-) thanks so much for going above and beyond in terms of customer service!"   Ally - April 2015  and "Suzy went above and beyond with her customer service! She delivered the item personally and was so thorough in her communication. The teepee is adorable and will be much loved!"  Ally - April 2015

"Thank you so much, your customer service is spot on! I'm so grateful you were able to get it done for me, I really appreciate it! I will definitely be referring friends to you."   Cassandra - March 2015

"Gorgeous and excellent quality. My daughter loves it. We play in there all the time and play peekaboo out the window. She even wanders in there herself and flicks through books and cuddles her teddies (she's one). Thanks so much xx"   Nuala - March 2015

"Super cute,very well made, simple instructions, thank you for a great transaction, My pooch loves it!" March 2015 NB: pet teepee

"Have received the teepee and it looks absolutely gorgeous."   Liz - March 2015

"It was lovely to meet you and thank you again. We assembled the teepee tonight so [our son] will see it when he wakes up and it looks gorgeous!"  Amy - March 2015

"The teepee is up and running and proving a hit at local primary schools!"  Lucy - March 2015

"Hi there, we absolutely love our tee pee it's perfect."  J - March 2015

"Thank you! We received the teepee today! ... Thank you for your awesome service! Made our life so easy!"   Gabby - March 2015

"The tee pee arrived today and looks fabulous. I haven't got the poles yet, but really excited to get it all up and running."   Penny - February 2015

"Hi Suzy, the teepee arrived and it's amazing! Thank you so much x"   Jose - February 2015

"Hi Suzy, just letting you know it arrived and looks gorgeous - can't wait to set up!! Will let you know how I go."   Miriam - February 2015

"Thank you my daughter loves it"   Jasmine - January 2015

"The teepee and cushion covers arrived today. They are beautiful! "   Amitha - January 2015

"Beautiful and simple!!! My daughter loves her new teepee! "   Helena - January 2015 


"Just to say thank you for the loveliest of teepees! It has been a great success... My granddaughter calls it her castle! I really appreciate the extra effort you made."   Tina - December 2014

"We are absolutely stoked with your customer service and kindness. I can't wait until the kids are in bed so that I can set it up tonight !!! Many, many thanks."   Kellie - December 2014

"Thank you Susie, it's gorgeous."   Susanna - December 2014

"a huge thank you for the absolutely gorgeous kite tents for the girls. Absolutely stunning!!! Cannot wait to see their faces on Christmas day. The colours and fabrics are just lovely and the quality of your work in regards to all the detail is exceptional. So, thank you."   Holly - December 2014

"It arrived! Love it! Thanks!"   Brianna - December 2014 "Suzy! It is here and it is amazing! One thousand thank yous for your fine, speedy work."   Nicole - December 2014

"I picked up the teepee this afternoon. It is gorgeous and I am sure my grandson and others will have lots of fun. Thanks for all your help."   Catherine - December 2014

"Hi! My teepee arrived and I did a test run with it this morning (once I'd purchased my poles) - it is absolutely PERFECT - thank you! Also, your instructions are VERY easy to follow which was a huge help."   Zana - December 2014

"Teepee arrived safely today. It's lovely. Thank you."   Kiri - December 2014

"We have received [our sons] tee pee and are very happy."   Chelsea - November 2014

"I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful teepee ... our daughter ... enjoying the finished product."   Sinead - November 2014

"Hi Suzy, thanks so much! We love them."   Johanna - November 2014

"Exactly as pictures, a great product for my one year old son, he loved looking out the window and playing inside the teepee. Shipping was fast and on time."   Amber - November 2014

"We just received the teepee ... It's stunning!! We are thrilled with it and think you are very creative and talented!!"   Cindy - November 2014

"Just wanted to say thanks so much for the gorgeous teepee! Its beautiful! "   Amanda - November 2014

"[Child] absolutely loved her teepee, thank you so much for your help."   Jayne - November 2014

"I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful teepee arrived..."   Sinead - November 2014

"thanks so much! We love them [family size teepees]."   Johanna - November 2014

"I received the teepee today and have just put it up. It is fantastic and fits in all the right places. Thank you very much, my son will love it!"   Rebecca - October 2014

"The kids still love their Teepee, playing in its daily!"   Simon - October 2014 NB: this teepee was purchased over 2 years ago.

"Just wanted to let u know that I picked up the teepee today we just set it up its so beautiful thank u so much it suits the room so well. My son absolutely loves it, he put all his favorite toys in there  already and we r both having so much fun."   Mouna - October 2014

"Thank you so much she just loves it!!! :) :) :)"   Tracey - October 2014

"Just a quick hello to say thank you for  the teepee. We've set it up and the kids love it. ( and the adults too :))"   Katarina - October 2014

"Teepee arrived today :) all set up just waiting for [my son] to wake so he can enjoy it! It is absolutely beautiful thank you :)"    Tegan - October 2014

"Thank you once again for a beautiful product, our teepee is now complete!" Lydia - October 2014 and "Wow, I'm so thrilled with this teepee, the quality is fantastic and the cream blends in nicely with my house. My son is really going to enjoy this, thank you so much. I've now ordered the teepee mat because I'm so happy with the quality!" Lydia - September 2014

"I received the teepee today and love it! It looks great" Cass - September 2014

"Just saying thank you ..thought you might enjoy the pics..though they show more of him than you're lovely teepee..hope you can see he loves it." Kathy - September 2014

"The teepees arrived today! They look wonderful. Lots of ooooh and ahhhs from the staff. We all think they are fab." Kim - September 2014

"thanks so much...my son loves it. we go in his "zebra tent" every night to read before bed." Ashley - September 2014

"Thank you so much for the beautiful TeePee it is just fantastic. Diana - September 2014

"[My daughter] loves her teepee. She rest, read, eats, play, hide and picnic in there." Jolene - August 2014

"I have received the teepee well and it looks great! Thank you so much for the great service." Celine - August 2014

"The teepee arrived today and it is beautiful! Thank you so much, I am sure my daughter will love it :) It was lovely doing business with you and I will definitely recommend your teepees to friends and family!" Eliza - August 2014

"Beautifully made teepee- great communication from seller and delivery very quickly! Love it - thank you :)" Steph - August 2014

"I just wanted to let you know that we got the tee-pee last Friday thank you. It’s gorgeous! We have erected it and my son is having fun playing in it..." Anna - July 2014

"thanks suzy, looks beautiful" Veronica - July 2014

"Just to let you know, everyone is asking about your teepee." and "Thanks again for the fast delivery, my nephew loves it (and his cats too) :)" Aisha - July 2014

"I received the teepee and it is really cute..." Rochelle - July 2014

"Suzy works with you on your delivery and can make it rush which was a godsend for me. The item is well made and my niece has moved in and only plays inside it now. Thanks so much for all your help and your wonderful teepee!" Sharn - June 2014

" Beautiful teepee ! Going to be the perfect back drop for my wedding :) excellent seller ... Personal touch with a letter was lovely ...as was the customization. Thankyou." Kristen - June 2014 "We received the teepee ! It´s very nice ... Very good work ... my son loves it. Thanks for everything" Celine - June 2014

"The teepee is gorgeous! Thank you! My daughter loves it...Thank you very much!" Celeen - June 2014

"Hi Suzy, I just had to reach out and tell you how much our [daughter] LOVES her teepee!! And we do too!! Every time someone comes through the door, she says "please take your shoes off and come see my tee pee"! It's the perfect gift for our sweet, fun, whimsical girl. We've already created so many memories in there. The quality is beautiful, and many people have commented specifically on that. Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with." NJ, USA - June 2014

"The teepee arrived ...! Thank you so very much! It's lovely...I appreciate the rush and great service! The packaging is lovely too." SB - Apr 2014 and "She loves the teepee! It really is sensational.." SB - Apr 2014

"Thanks Suzy, it looks terrific and [my son] loves it!!" Melissa - Apr 2014

"Suzy it came!!!! I love love the tent and all you did... And I love the base you chose and the gift card is very cute !! Thanks for all your efforts." Lindsey - Apr 2014

"Thank you so much for all of your patience and understanding. Love the teepee and so does my son. It is actually a feature in our home, it looks fantastic with our decor. Thanks also to your husband for the personalised delivery. Very happy customer xoxo" Erika - Mar 2014 and "Also love these [stepping footprint set]! They are great, and can be used in so many different ways. Thanks again!" Erika - Mar 2014

"Hello Suzy!! I received it [teepee] today!! Thank u very much!!! I love it!" UB - Mar 2014

"Hi Suzy, The Tee Pee arrived today and its amazing. Thank you very much!" Kris - Feb 2014

"Hi Suzy...your gorgeous teepee arrived and it is just fantastic. Thank you so much" Rachel - Feb 2014 "gorgeous thank you! my son loves it." IS - Feb 2014

"Just to let you know that I finally unwrapped the teepee last night ... I am so pleased thank you. You chose perfect fabrics and my daughter will love it. It's beautifully wrapped up. Thanks again Jenny - Jan 2014

"the tent arrived … the day before the bday party so we were very pleased & the tent was a big hit & very nice ..thank you so much for making our Granddaughter day so special! Appreciate your great work! Marian - Jan 2014 


"Got the teepee this morning. It looks fantastic! Thanks so much again and have a very merry Christmas Sarah :) - December 2013

"Just to let you know the teepee has arrived. It looks fantastic, I can't wait to put it up. Many thanks!"  Deidre - December 2013

"Good Morning Suzi, Teepee received this morning, congratulations on making such a quality product, we are thrilled, it is just what we wanted and I am certain young [grandson] will be just as pleased as we are. Many thanks"  Maggie - December 2013

"Teepee arrived yesterday and have had a sneaky little look, it looks beautiful...Your service has been incredible I will now have to choose one with more of a boy flavour for my grandson...Once again thank you for incredible service I know we all would have wanted a Christmas delivery."  Rosemary - December 2013

"Teepee arrived, it is ap and looks fantastic, you have done a brilliant job making it, we just love it thank you" Lyndall - December 2013

"The teepee arrived today intact and it looks really sweet!. I can't wait to get the poles and set it up (might even test drive it myself till Christmas). Must say the mat is gorgeously soft!. Thanks so much for your help and your efficient delivery." Sandra - November 2013

"Just a note to say a huge thank you for the absolutely beautiful teepee you made for [my daughter]. We decided to let her play in it now, rather than wait for Christmas...she loves it and will hopefully get many years of play in it :o)" Emma - November 2013

"The teepee has arrived, it is amazing, thankyou so much for your fast delivery." Bree - November 2013

"The teepee arrived yesterday :) Thankyou very much, it looks really good." Emma - November 2013

"Just wanted to say, so much fun being had in our teepee, thank you!!" Melissa - October 2013

"Tee Pee arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for the beautiful craftsmanship and speedy delivery... Thank you kindly." Maria - October 2013

"The tent has arrived well and it looks beautiful... Thank you for all your assistance. It has been a pleasure doing business with you." Tina - October 2013

"I received the tent yesterday & will pack it away for Christmas. Thanks so much... it looks great!" Deanna - October 2013

"Oh! Suzy - the dog mat with its cute-as-pie footprint arrived today and I am absolutely DELIGHTED with it! (So is our dog) Truly, it is wonderful and will be treasured. Just love your site. When my grandchildren are older, I will be back to buy a wigwam. Love and best wishes from NZ" Norma - October 2013

"So exciting, I got the package and the mushroom and feet are adorable! She will love it! Thank you again for your help in getting these items to me for her bday! Best" Sara - October 2013

"Thank you very much for the beautiful quality work you've done. I've decided it will be my daughters Christmas present. Thank you again." Megan - October 2013

"Thanks Suzy!!! I got it this morning. [My son] loved it!!!  He's literally spent half of the day inside the teepee!!! ... I personally like the quality and the details you put in your work. It's just fabulous. Thanks again. Cheers"  E - October 2013

"The teepee arrived last week and [my husband] and I love it ! We look so forward to surprise our daughter with it! Thanks" N - October 2013

"Just to let you know that the teepee arrived safe and sound yesterday and we put it together today - it is absolutely perfect and our daughter crawled right in. Thank you so much. I know it will be a favorite for years to come. Many thanks" Susannah - October 2013

"We love our teepee. The whimsical white was most definitely the way to go. :)" Jennifer - September 2013

"Thank U for the tee pee. It is awesome and my son loves it! The colours r perfect! Thanks again for all ur help with it. Cheers" Bec - September 2013

"Thanks so much for the Teepee looks absolutely gorgeous! Love it, what an awesome job you did!" Anita - September 2013

"We set the teepee up tonight. It is beautiful and my daughter loves it. Thank you" Zoe - September 2013

"Hi, today I received the order. everything is in excellent condition, Excellent job, highly recommended, Thank you very much." Ricardo - September 201

"I just wanted to say thankyou very much for the rush order you put through for me last week. It was for my son ... 4th Birthday. I set it up for him last night and he was so happy with it when he woke up today and found it. He spent most of the day in it today and even ate his breakfast in it." Elio - August 2013

"[the teepee] arrived the day after you sent it, in perfect condition. We are absolutely thrilled with the quality of the teepee - and [my daughter] is so happy to have her own little retreat in the corner of her bedroom. She loves the rainbow, and immediately furnished it with cushions and a pile of books. We also really appreciated the detailed instructions and the finishing touches like the tie/wrap. I will be recommending you to friends." Sarah - July 2013

"The tee pee arrived yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous!! I am so happy with it!! Thanks so much for your beautiful work."  S - July 2013

"I love it [the teepee] and so does my little girl! Thank you for a gorgeous handmade product." L - July 2013

"Beautifully made teepee and excellent communications. Thank you!"  J - June 2013

"thank you so much for making [my daughter] a special Red Riding Hood tee pee....she LOVES it!" M - June 2013

"we received the Teepee yesterday. It is just fabulous. Thankyou so much." Rebecca - June 2013

"The tee pee arrived today and it looks great! Thank you very much!  I hope my daughter just loves it!" Jenny - June 2013

"It [the teepee] is gorgeous, the prints are fantastic and look beautiful together. It was so great to be able to have some say on the design, makes it feel that little more special. Sunny is going to absolutely love it!!! I cant wait to set it up and see her face when she sees it."  Courtney - May 2013

"Hi Suzy, I have received our teepee and put it in my sons room and its a hit! He absolutely loves it and so do we!! Thank you again so so much for a beautiful product, I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family." Stacey - April 2013

"teepee received!!! thanks so much. the kids love it!!" Cindy - April 2013

"I would like to thankyou so much for the beautiful teepee you made for my daughters (2 & 4) for Christmas! It is absolutely gorgeous and they simply love being in it, playing make believe games!" Amy - February 2013

"We have set up the teepee only a few days ago and she really enjoys it." Z - February 2013

"My daughter absolutely loves her teepee" Karen - February 2013

"Your teepee is beautiful, and I absolutely love the mat that goes inside. It's sooooo soft! Thank you!" Laura - February 2013

"Thanks again for ... the beautiful teepees...my son was loving exploring it this afternoon!" Sarah - February 2013

"...thank you for [the] amazing tee pee!!! He absolutely adores it! As does our friends & family whom visit!! Santa even left his christmas gifts in his tee pee- the look on his face was just gorgeous!!" Fleur - February 2013

"I purchased one of your gorgeous teepee ... My son is very happy to play 'pick-a-boo' with me and he kisses me through the little windows" Young - February 2013

"Hi Suzy - my grandson absolutely loves his teepee! And I appreciate how well it's constructed because he loves it fairly roughly. : )" Katja - February 2013

"Awesome play tent! My 2-year-old and my 4-year-old daughters are in love with it!! I ordered this tent on November 5th and I was a bit worried it wouldn't get to us (Canada) on time for Christmas but we received it within a month or so. Great turnaround time and diligent shop owner. Quality fabric and nicely done appliqué. Even better than it looks in the picture! It comes with easy to follow instructions and I had no problem finding the right wooden poles at my local hardware store. I have also ordered the floor play mat, it's so soft and comfy, just perfect!" Catherine - February 2013

"My niece absolutely adores her teepee, thank you!" Sal - January 2013

"We received the teepee today in the mail. I'm so excited to get it all set up this weekend. It looks beautiful from what I can see. Thanks so much!" Shannon - January 2013 and " We love the teepee and so does our son. It is absolutely gorgeous." Shannon - February 2013

"beautiful! much loved christmas present. thank you!" Sara - January 2013  


"The package [toadstools] has arrived and looks very good!" Barbara - December 2012

"I received my teepee & toadstool in the mail yesterday!!!! Yay!!!! Thank you so much. It is fantastic and I think my grandchildren are going to love it!!!!" Marci - December 2012

"received the teepee.... Oh my goodness it is the most precious thing ever. I can't wait to see his delightful face and squeals of joy on Christmas Day. Thank you so much it is absolutely adorable!!!!!" Kelie - December 2012

"The teepee arrived today! ... It looks fantastic, I can tell so much work has gone into it! ... I'm sure he will love it for years to come..." Katrina - November 2012 and "Purchased a personalised Teepee for my nephew. It is wonderful! Beautifully made, with great attention to detail. It was easy to set up using the included instructions. Suzy kept me informed and up to date when she was ordering the material and making the Teepee. Considering the time that must go into making the product, it was ready and at my doorstep within a few weeks! I am a very happy customer and would highly recommend buying a Teepee from this seller!!" Katrina - December 2012

"I got the teepee and love it!" Jennifer - December 2012

"Just off Skype to a very excited little nephew and a delighted brother and sister in law! They love your creation, as do I ... it looks great and very well made ... Thanks again Suzy..." Laura - December 2012

"... I also want to say that your customer service is totally outstanding! "  and "I had a quick look at the teepees and they are AMAZING! Thank you so much...I know the boys are going to absolutely LOVE their teepees...Great instructions too...Short term, there is going to much fun and excitement but in the long term I know that this is going to be a gift that really makes a difference in our family. You have been so wonderful to deal with." Alison - December 2012 

"I LOVE it, thank you so much, it looks great:-)" Dee - November 2012

"...set it up right away! Her daughter loves the teepee. I'll send you a picture in the next few days, its very cute." Melissa - October 2012

"everyone loved it [the teepee] at the party and my daughter loves reading and doing her little stuff in there thank you for making it! Nicole - October 2012

"They loved it. Thank you so much!!" Amanda - September 2012

"Suzy - I just wanted to let you know that I received the tent earlier this week and could not be happier with it! I tried setting it up this weekend and it worked really well so can't wait to set it up for real for my son on his birthday. Thank you!" also said  on Etsy "The tent is so fun and the seller is so easy to work with to create a customized product - very happy with the outcome!" Kate - August 2012

"I've been meaning to write & thank you. It arrived very swiftly...my kids are thrilled because it means for now, they get it in their room! Thanks again." also said 'Fabulous service. Thanks Susie!" Kyi - July 2012

"The teepee arrived ... It looks fantastic. Thank you heaps. It's going to be tough to fight the urge to put it up before his birthday. Thanks again." Liz - July 2012

"I just received your delivery of the Teepee...Yeah. It looks fantastic and can not wait to put it together. Love it. Thank you again for pushing that through so quickly. Monika - July 2012

"Just wanted to let you know that our teepee arrived yesterday...Thank you, we love, love, love it."  Erin - July '12

"thank you for the tee pee Suzy. It is absolutely beautiful. I really appreciate the delivery.  Amazing service!  My son is going to be rapt when he sees it on saturday" Leanne - April '12

"The tepee is AMAZING thank you, we love it! And the decorations are perfect. They are all so lovely, so no one could go wrong with any choice." Kate - April '12

"I met you at Mathilda's market held in Sydney a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with your teepees. beautiful handmade teepee bought from Joyjoie for my son's first birthday. the craftsmanship in each stitch and the detail of each decoration show just how much love is put into the making of each teepee. what's not to love xo" Ana - Mar '12

"He's very happy in it, plays in it each day ... it's easy to manoeuvre ... thanks again for the terrific teepee!" Shanelle - Jan '12

"The teepee is beautifully made, a great size and has already provided hours of fun. Thank you" Bianca - Jan '12  


"The teepee arrived yesterday afternoon. It looks fantastic, and I can't wait to see my little boy's face on Christmas morning when he sees it set up! Thank you so very much." Shell - Dec '11

"Thank you for sending this item so promptly - it arrived in time for Christmas. The kids love it!" Clare - Dec '11

"Thank you! I couldn't be happier with my purchase!" Shelly - Dec '11

"I have done a lot of research and your teepee design is by far the best looking..." Bianca - Nov '11