Suzy Naidoo sitting in a teepeeHi my name is Suzy and Joyjoie is the place where I make functional beauty for home and body using textiles.

The need to create has always been a part of my life. As a child I developed a passion for textiles, softies and chocolate. Many years and a couple of careers later (once upon a time I was both a scientist growing plants in test-tubes and a modern day cartographer) I found my constant source of inspiration, my daughter Ari and I had the freedom to dive into my creative life.

So Joyjoie came into being in 2011 and was named to represent my mother who taught me to sew and my daughter who inspires me - we all share Joy as our middle name (and a distant French heritage).

In the beginning I was totally focussed on my bespoke teepee range and this led me to great joy in not only the crafting aspect of the teepees but also in their design. I even won the Australian Craft Award for Kid Toys in 2013.

Designing soon became a passion for me and I started exporting surface pattern design along with textile design. My creative lfe mow has two parts:

  • Joyjoie where I design and hand make textiles for the body (hair wraps, sun wraps and face masks) as well as home decor products on a custom order basis in Sydney, Australia 
  • Joyjoie Design where I create illustrations, sketches and surface pattern designs suitable for not only textiles but also for stationary, wall art and books (oh and I wrote and illustrated a self published book in 2017)

Curious to know more about my work contact me for more information about commissioning an illustration or textile.

Thank you for visiting Joyjoie.