Craft Time - Confetti shirt bowl

Way back in April when I was preparing for Finders Keepers (I really wanted some great display bowls and wanted to make my own) I came across this amazing paper bowl and knew I had to make one. But me being me, I had to make a fabric version and so the research began and it took some time.

First I needed a faster way of cutting fabric circles than my pastry circles (long since moved to the craft zone), a pencil and hours with the scissors and second I needed a way to make them stick and hold their shape. Lucky for me a visit to the Craft Fair solved the first problem, a die cutter for fabric!!! Who knew? Well lots of people but as I am not into decoupage it was news to me. Next was my stumbling upon of Mod Podge for fabric. So will all the tools I needed and a surplus of fabric all that remained to be solved was time and narrowing down the fabric options.

As in most of these instances I turned to my supply of mens shirts that are no longer wanted by the hubby. These were perfect, the fabric is double sided and I have lots of it so if the fabric bowl is a disaster then no harm done.

I had fun, and so did the creative director who helped with the 1" circles. Here is what we created...

Shirt Bowl Side copy


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